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October, 1999

XactCopy NT Provides Immediate Disaster Recovery

Nevada City, CA - Every network administrator knows the sinking feeling that strikes when a hard drive or operating system goes down. Tempers flare, users start calling, and the sense of urgency mounts. In what usually takes hours, the administrator must locate and repair the cause before rebooting the system.

XactCopy NT by DuoCor, Inc. changes that story completely. Recently re-engineered to better meet the needs of systems professionals, XactCopy NT lets the administrator restore the system in less than three minutes. Then, when time allows, the administrator can locate and solve the cause of the crash without the pressure of a crisis.

"XactCopy augments current backup strategies beautifully by almost completely eliminating downtime and minimizing data loss," said DuoCor President Bob Altieri. "It's the perfect compliment to existing back-up systems when time is critical."

Using dual hard drives at the server (or mission critical workstation), XactCopy makes a sector-by-sector copy of the working disk onto the secondary drive - while the server is live. If anything should happen to the system drive, or the operating system, the administrator simply boots from the secondary drive. XactCopy NT provides automatic scheduling of backups at regular intervals as an NT service. XactCopy speeds the backup process as well by performing a quick disk comparison and only copying new or changed files to the secondary disk, usually in under three minutes.

The key to XactCopy is the hidden backup drive, which is invisible to Windows and stands ready to substitute for the problem system drive. To restore the server, the operator just changes the boot address or removes the failed system drive and reboots. Because the second drive is invisible to the operating system, it can only be changed by an intentional backup.

Not all disasters are total system failures. One of the benefits to XactCopy's unique approach is that is allows restoration of single files, folders, or entire partitions after program or user errors that cause valuable data to be lost. Users simply point and click on the back-up file to restore it to the system disk. Because the backup drive contains a duplicate image of the system disk, it retains all settings, applications, and data

While ideal for the network world, VARs and other third-party providers appreciate XactCopy NT's ability to allow immediate restoration. Instead of rushing to emergencies, the repair technician can quickly talk the user through rebooting from the backup drive, and then arrive at the job site when it is convenient. Administrators and VARs also use XactCopy NT to configure new user systems by copying selected files, folders, and partitions to the new disk.

XactCopy is available in single-user versions for Windows NT workstation-based systems at $149. The Windows NT server version of the program sells for $695 with multiple license discounts available.

To introduce the product, DuoCor is providing a 30-day trial download of XactCopy NT from the Web site at www.duocor.com.

About DuoCor

DuoCor, Inc., founded in 1996, develops and markets automated and immediate system recovery software products that ensure high availability. Through innovative integration of existing and proprietary technology, DuoCor solutions apply Detect/Correct/Alert (DCA)™ technology to safeguard operating systems, software applications, and data. The company is headquartered in Nevada City, California with sales and support offices worldwide.

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