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November 17, 1997

XactCopy COMDEX Announcement

New Technology Makes Tape Back-Up Obsolete

Nevada City, CA - COMDEX attendees who stop by IBM's Storage Customer Center in the Bally's Hotel will be the first to see the latest innovation in back-up and restore technology for PCs. XactCopy, from DuoCor, Inc., is the first technology that allows users to make a fully operational (bootable) duplicate of the system disk to a second backup drive.

Along with a CD-ROM presentation, IBM will outfit a dual hard drive system featuring their Ultrastar family of disk drives. The combination of XactCopy and Ultrastar hard drives provides the ultimate in data protection and storage. Considered far more reliable than tape drive solutions, XactCopy and Ultrastar offer lightning fast back-up and restore capabilities.

"There truly is nothing like XactCopy on the market today," says DuoCor's President Bob Altieri. "We're excited that IBM will showcase XactCopy at COMDEX, allowing more people to find out about this next-generation solution."

The key to the XactCopy solution is a patent pending technology that successfully hides the backup disk from the operating system and enables device-level communication with the backup disk " keeping data safe from inadvertent changes. In case of primary disk failure, the back-up drive stands ready to substitute. Because the back-up drive contains a mirror image of the system disk, it retains all settings, applications, and data. Within minutes, the system is back in full operation.

One of the most important features of XactCopy is the speed of system backups. During installation, XactCopy performs a full backup " at two to three megabytes per second average speed " mirroring the system disk to the backup disk. After that, routine backups of changed files take about a minute. The program allows users to schedule backups at convenient intervals from hourly to daily, or manually at any time.

Complementary copies of XactCopy are available to qualified journalists.

About DuoCor

DuoCor, Inc., founded in 1996, develops and markets automated and immediate system recovery software products that ensure high availability. Through innovative integration of existing and proprietary technology, DuoCor solutions apply Detect/Correct/Alert (DCA)™ technology to safeguard operating systems, software applications, and data. The company is headquartered in Nevada City, California with sales and support offices worldwide.

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