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January 28, 1999

Blue Screens and Hard Disk Failures

Things of the Past?

Nevada City, CA - When Aaron Cherrington arrived at work on Monday morning and turned on his computer, he was startled by a screen full of gibberish. Thinking it was just a Windows NT glitch, he rebooted. The hard drive began to spin, then clunked and died. Aaron's stomach turned at the thought of all it would take to recreate what was on that system.

While the data in everyone's hard disk is critical, much of Cherrington's was irreplaceable development software used to create Cherco Corporation's automotive diagnostic and inspection applications. There was no predicting how long it would take to get back to the point he had been when he left work the preceding Friday.

George Woodley can relate. His company manages state and federally mandated drug-testing programs with a legal requirement and written guarantee that all data will be stored for five years from test date. When he booted up his system and Windows repeatedly refused to come up, he felt that same sick panic.

Though one was a hardware crash and one was a software failure, the same program was used to get both Cherrington and Woodley back in business within minutes. XactCopy by DuoCor is the first and only backup and recovery system that allows users to recover from system failures by using a fully operational (bootable) duplicate of the system disk stored on a second backup drive.

Cherrington had never needed to use his XactCopy software until his disk crashed. But when he switched the BIOS to recognize the backup disk as the primary and inserted his XactCopy recovery floppy, he got a pleasant surprise- it booted up perfectly with every piece of data in place. In less than 20 minutes from failure, he was back to work.

"A computer system is like a house, it takes a long time to get it exactly the way you like it," says Cherrington, "to come home one day and find it completely destroyed is a real tragedy. XactCopy's restoration capability is absolutely terrific. The simplicity of this program as a backup strategy makes it almost foolproof."

George handled his problem using another feature of XactCopy. He didn't want to lose the new files he had created since his last backup, so he rebooted from his backup disk and started XactCopy. Since his primary disk was structurally sound, he simply restored the system files that Windows had corrupted to his primary drive using XactCopy's point-and-click file restore capability. He then switched back to his primary hard drive and went back to work. The process took less than five minutes.

Says Woodley, "There is nothing like XactCopy on the market. I have it on every single one of our systems. Like everyone, we have trouble with our operating systems from time to time. When it happens, I still get the initial feeling of panic, but it's rewarding to realize XactCopy will fix it immediately."

The key to the XactCopy solution is a patent-pending technology that successfully hides the backup disk from the operating system and enables device-level communication with the backup disk keeping data safe from inadvertent changes. In case of primary disk failure, the backup drive stands ready to substitute. Because the backup drive contains a mirrored duplicate of the system disk, it retains all settings, applications, and data. Within seconds, a single file can be restored; within minutes, a complete system can be back in full operation.

Because the media are identical, operation is lightning fast. XactCopy performs an average daily backup in less than three minutes, a fraction of the time it takes a tape drive system. The program can be set to backup in increments from every five minutes to hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. And, because XactCopy operates in the background, there's no chance of forgetting to backup.

About DuoCor

DuoCor, Inc., founded in 1996, develops and markets automated and immediate system recovery software products that ensure high availability. Through innovative integration of existing and proprietary technology, DuoCor solutions apply Detect/Correct/Alert (DCA)™ technology to safeguard operating systems, software applications, and data. The company is headquartered in Nevada City, California with sales and support offices worldwide.

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