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System Guardian Product FAQ

What is System Guardian/XC 2000?

System Guardian/XC 2000 is a hard disk to hard disk backup and restore utility that provides instant recovery from operating system and physical drive failures. Top of Page

What are the key features of System Guardian/XC 2000?

SystemGuardian/XC 2000 provides the ability to boot directly from a dedicated backup drive for instant system recovery, without boot floppies, partial OS reloads, or complicated tape restores. DuoCor's new DPSR technology delivers low cost, instant system recovery from OS and HDD disasters for Windows 2000 and XP. Routine background or manual backups typically take less than 3 minutes and works with open or locked files. Instantly restores files, folders and partitions. Top of Page

What does DPSR mean?

DPSR is an acronym coined by Shannon Elliott for "Data Protection & System Recovery." This is the name given to the dedicated backup drive. The DPSR drive remains hidden from the OS while in DPSR mode. System Guardian/XC 2000 protects all of the data on your system so that in the event of a system drive failure, the system can be immediately recovered. You can read more about DPSR technology in our White Paper. Top of Page

How does System Guardian/XC 2000 differ from other backup solutions?

System Guardian/XC 2000 uses a second hard drive as the backup medium. This gives System Guardian/XC 2000 the unique ability to boot the DPSR (backup) drive. No other software will have you "back up" and running as quickly. System Guardian/XC 2000 performs the fastest complete backups possible. System Guardian/XC 2000's "changed files-only" backups result in a full backup; no one comes close to System Guardian/XC 2000's speed. Typical backups using IDE drives take under 3 minutes and SCSI systems less than a minute. Top of Page

Why should I use System Guardian/XC 2000 instead of just installing a second hard drive?

With System Guardian/XC 2000, the DPSR drive remains invisible to the operating system at all times and therefore can not be directly accessed, thus keeping the data safe from unwanted deletions or alteration by the user, OS or viruses. Only System Guardian/XC 2000 can read the hidden DPSR drive, so that files and folders can be restored within Windows. Scheduled automatic backups occur in the background, without interruption to the system. Without System Guardian/XC 2000, copying various files between drives is time consuming and therefore not done frequently. Passwords, e-mail, bookmarks, templates, and other obscure data files are difficult to locate and easily forgotten for back up. System Guardian/XC 2000 creates a bootable back up copy of the specified system drive. Top of Page

Which systems are compatible with System Guardian/XC 2000?

System Guardian/XC 2000 is compatible with (x86) based Windows 2000™ and Windows XP™ operating systems. This includes 2000 Server Edition. We are currently working on a 2003 version. We do copy open files, however, if you are running exchange server, a domain controller or large shared databases, we suggest shutting them down before backing up as the data copied may be out of sync. Top of Page

Does a drive have to physically crash to render it unusable?

No. If a bad sector develops on a critical portion of the drive, you may not be notified of a hard drive failure. However, some or all of the data on the drive may be unreadable. If a bad sector develops in a critical area required to load the operating system, the system would be inoperative. Top of Page

Can I use System Guardian/XC 2000 even if I'm already using two hard drives now?

Yes. If you want to back up both system drives, you will need to install two DPSR drives. System Guardian/XC 2000 will backup any number of drives that your operating system and hardware supports. Top of Page

Will I be able to boot the DPSR drive even though Microsoft's Product Activation Code is designed to prevent changing of hardware?

Yes, our technology is compatible with Microsoft's Product Activation Code. Top of Page

After my Hard Drive crashes, can I fix it with System Guardian/XC 2000?

Only if you had installed System Guardian/XC 2000 and performed a backup to a second hard drive prior to the failure. System Guardian/XC 2000 is not a post recovery tool. Top of Page

How is System Guardian/XC 2000 different from RAID-1?

RAID-1 is concurrent writing of data to two separate drives. Thus, if a file were inadvertently deleted or became corrupted by the user, OS, or a virus, it would exist this way on both drives. System Guardian/XC 2000's backups are performed either manually or automatically. There is no concurrent writing of data to the DPSR drive. Top of Page

Can I use System Guardian/XC 2000 in a system with RAID?

Yes. Please read our Technical FAQ for more details. Top of Page

Can I use a combination of drive interfaces such as IDE to SCSI?

Yes. Please read our Technical FAQ for more details. Top of Page

Can I use System Guardian/XC 2000 on a network drive?

No. Please read our Technical FAQ for more details. Top of Page

Is there a way I can use multiple DPSR drives so I can put them on a rotation schedule?

Yes.Please read our Technical FAQ for more details. Top of Page

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