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SystemGuardian XC/2000 Technical FAQ

Installation Questions

How can I tell if my backup is working, where's the log file?

Open the Event Viewer and click the System Guardian XC2000 log in the console tree on the left. The event viewer is located in the Control Panel under Administrative Tools.Top of Page

My scheduled backup isn't working, what's wrong?

The windows scheduler has two requirements. The account you specify in the scheduler must be an administrative account with full privileges and have a password set. The password can NOT be left blank. If you are using a UPS connected to your system that will make it think it's running on a battery. The default action is not to run the schedule when on battery power. Simply uncheck the "Don't start the task if the computer is running on batteries.& checkbox under the settings tab.

In rare cases the windows scheduler will not correctly configure with our wizard, however, there is a manual work-around. If automatic backups are still not working add a new scheduled task by going to the control panel and opening "Scheduled Tasks" (It's under Performance and Maintenance from the category view). Have it start the calculator 2 minutes into the future. Once the calculator is automatically launching properly, replace the "Run:" and "Start in:" command lines with the SystemGuardian command lines. You can find the SystemGuardian command lines by right clicking on the task and selecting properties. Be sure to have a proper administration password set for this new schedule. Set the schedule to launch in 2 minutes and observe it starting automatically. Once you've confirmed the backup is starting automatically, setup the actual schedule you wish and delete the scheduled tasks the wizard created for you.Top of Page

Do I have to perform a low-level format on the drive I intend to use as a backup?

No, as a matter of fact we recommend that you do not low-level format your drive. Simply use the disk management tool built into 2000/XP to remove any partitions on the drive you desire to utilize as the backup drive. Top of Page

How do I remove partitions, volumes and drives in Windows 2000 and Window XP?

Start the computer management screen by right clicking on My Computer and choose Manage or type compmgmt.msc in the RUN box or at a command line. Go to Disk Management and right click on the partition/volume and perform the desired operation. Top of Page

If I make the backup drive my new primary and it is larger than the old primary, how do I reclaim unused space on the disk?

You can use fdisk or the disk management tool to add additional partitions to the drive or use a partitioning utility such as Partition Magic to extend existing partitions on the disk. Top of Page

Can I make my old primary drive into the new backup drive?

Yes, any hard drive with sufficient disk space can be used as long as it has no partitions. Use the disk management tool to remove any partitions, re-configure as the DPSR drive and then perform a full backup. Top of Page

I need to "unhide" the DPSR drive. How do I accomplish this?

Boot the backup drive by changing the BIOS settings or drive cables. The backup drive will then automatically boot as a normal system drive. You can place the drive back into DPSR (backup) mode by booting the original system drive. Top of Page

Can I use SystemGuardian XC/2000 in a system with RAID?

Yes, SystemGuardian XC/2000 can be configured to work in most RAID environments. Because some combinations of controllers may not be supported, please download a fully functional 30 day trial copy to ensure the backup drive is bootable. Top of Page

Can I use SystemGuardian XC/2000 even if I'm already using two hard drives now?

Yes. If you want to back up both system drives, you will need to install two DPSR drives. SystemGuardian XC/2000 will backup any number of drives that your operating system and hardware supports. Top of Page

Are there any incompatibilities with SystemGuardian XC/2000?

Yes. We do not work with Microsoft Dynamic Disks. SystemGuardian/XC 2000 also should not be used on systems connected to a Domain Controllers. Top of Page

Can I use an external FireWire or USB/USB2 drive as my backup drive?

Yes, but as of to date, it's not possible to boot windows from a FireWire or USB drive. It is possible to assign a drive letter to the backup drive with the disk management tool and then copy the data off of that drive should your system drive die. We backup to any drive that is not listed as removable. To the best of our knowledge, USB drives do not show up as removable. Top of Page

Can I use my removable hard drive as the DPSR drive?

We support removable fixed disk pull-out drawers. We support removable fixed disks in pullout drawers. We do not officially support JAZ or SyQuest or other removable devices. However, in our own offices we are successfully backing up and restoring data to a JAZ drive, but we never intend to boot from the JAZ. If you are using a removable drive as the DPSR drive, it is likely that the backup will not be bootable. We do not recommend using a removable drive for disaster recovery purposes.

Important: We will backup to any drive that is not listed as "removable" in the Disk Management screen, such as a zip or floppy drive. Please note that most hard drives are not listed as removable and work just fine. Start the computer management screen by right clicking on My Computer and choose Manage or type compmgmt.msc in the RUN box or at a command line and look under storage. Top of Page

Can the DPSR drive be smaller than the system drive if you know the size of data to be backed up will not exceed the size of the DPSR drive?

No. The partition you wish to backup must have a second hard drive available with space enough to equal the size of the partition(s) you wish to protect. If you want to protect an the entire hard drive or raid, then second hard drive must be of equal or large size than the drive or raid you wish to protect. Top of Page

Is SystemGuardian XC/2000 compatible with Partition Magic?

Yes, with this condition: When you modify the source drive with Partition Magic, run the configuration wizard to update the DPSR drive. Top of Page

Can I use the different brands and or sizes of hard drives?

Yes. The DPSR drive needs only to be of equal or larger size than the volumes you wish to protect on the system drive. Top of Page

Can I use a combination of drive interfaces such as IDE to SCSI?

Yes. System Guardian/XC 2000 will work with major drive interfaces. Top of Page

Can I take a DPSR drive and boot it on a secondary computer? Can I then put it back into service as the DPSR drive on the primary computer?

Yes, if the source disk is bootable on multiple machines, then it's DPSR drive is bootable on the same machines. Windows usually locks it's installation to the system it was originally installed on, so moving an installation to a different machine usually results in Windows not booting correctly. We believe this to be an excellent way to quickly and easily carry your “work” back and forth from the office to the home. Top of Page

How do I boot my DPSR drive after a system crash?

If your system allows it, you can change the boot device in the BIOS or you can open the computer and switch the drives so the DPSR drive is on the bootable channel.

If there is available space in the front of your computer's case, you can install commercially available fixed disk pull-out drawers (street prices starting at $16.00), which eliminates the need to open the computer to gain access to the drives. Top of Page

Can I use SystemGuardian XC/2000 on a network drive?

No. Due to the nature in which SystemGuardian XC/2000 was designed we have not yet included the ability to copy a "mapped" network drive. Support for over the wire backups is not yet supported as well. Top of Page

How do I protect my data from fire and other disasters?

If you use pull-out drawers to house your drives, you can take your DPSR drive out of the system and take it off-site or place it in a fireproof safe. Hot swappable drive trays are available from your local retailer. Top of Page

Is there a way I can use multiple DPSR drives so I can put them on a rotation schedule?

Yes, we have a free utility available for immediate download. The Drive Pooling Wizard (DPW) is only for use with System Guardian/XC200. Top of Page

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