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Instant System Recovery

Lightning-fast, Bootable Backups

For Windows 9x/ME & Windows NT (Servers and Workstations)

Product Overview


About XactCopyTM

XactCopy is an easy to use backup software designed to keep all of your data and system files up to date and safe. In case something goes wrong with your disk or the operating system, you can simply boot from the backup drive. XactCopy uses a second hard disk drive, which is transparent to the operating system, to store all of your data. Routine updates to the backup disk of the files that have changed since the last update take less than three minutes. Replacing lost or corrupted files is faster than any other restore data method.

Instant Recovery

What makes XactCopy so unique from other backup products is its ability to boot from the backup drive in case something serious happens. There is no restore procedure to go through, so XactCopy enhances your productivity. Simply boot the backup and you're up and working again.

Why choose XactCopy?

XactCopy offers the most cost-effective solution for preventing data loss.

Whether you have valuable information stored on a desktop PC, a mission critical workstation or server, XactCopy provides effortless and fast backups. Restoring a file or an entire folder is simple because XactCopy displays the contents of both disks on one screen. Just point and click and your data is back in an instant!

If you are not backing up your data frequently because it is time consuming or too cumbersome, your data is at risk. XactCopy automatically updates your important data according to the schedule you set; it all happens in the background while you work. Speaking of work, XactCopy will get you back to work quickly. Even if your system disk fails.Top of Page

Comparative Overview

FunctionXactCopy Tape Disk Mirroring Image Files Internet
Direct Boot from Backup Storage DeviceYESNON/ANONO
Perform Full Backup in Approx. 1 - 3 Minutes (Typical)YESNON/ANONO
Instant Recovery From Operating System FailureYESNONONONO
Instant Recovery From Hard Disk FailureYESNOYESNONO
Perform Backup Operation While the Server is LiveYESYESN/ANOYES
Fast Repair of Corrupted Files on the System Disk YESNONONONO
Repair a Bad Sector on the System DiskYESNON/ANONO
Check For File Errors on System Disk Before Backup (FAT-16)YESNON/ANONO
Automatically Perform Routine Data Integrity Checks of Backup YESNON/ANONO

XactCopy Data Sheet

Get our XactCopy data sheet (a two-page PDF file) for a compact document with all the product info you need. Top of Page

Windows® 2000 Review

Read XactCopy's Review in Windows 2000 Magazine (a two-page PDF file)

More Product Information

With the increasing size of hard disk drives today and the storage of large amounts of data, the need to protect information has increased. XactCopy protects this information by providing a disk to disk backup that doubles as disaster recovery.

A second non-partitioned hard disk drive, which is hidden from the operating system, makes data loss and system drive failure a thing of the past. Unlike other methods, the backup drive is bootable. This redundant disk drive eliminates the painful restoration process that often accompanies such a catastrophe. The benefit is reduced downtime and minimal loss of productivity.

In the foreground mode, XactCopy waits for your command before performing a routine backup operation. If set to work in the background, it performs its task while you are working in other applications. Even open files are a part of the backup. Once directed, this function takes about one minute.

DuoCor's advanced, patented data protection/system recovery (DPSR) technology is designed for the 21st century PC. Redundant disk drives offer speed and reliability features that outpace the others. Our white paper on DSPR can tell you even more.Top of Page

Trial Download

Download our full working version and try it free for 30 days. When you decide to buy, you can purchase online by visiting our online store. We will then give you the key code to keep the version your running active. Note: In order for us to generate a key code for the product you're using, you must furnish us with the product serial number. (Located on the splash screen that is shown when you start XactCopy.)

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