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System Guardian/XC 2000

See what our customers are saying:

"Your software works perfectly! I replaced and duplicated the bad HD in 20 minutes, WOW!!!!!!" Dale - Napa, CA

"You're the greatest!" Allan - USA

"System drive failed this morning, and the backup booted automatically. (THANKS!)" Ross - Australia

"An exemplary product. I'm impressed!." Tim - London

"System Guardian has saved me more than once when the hard drive started failing and quite a few times when I needed to recover a single file." Bill - USA

"Just had another drive go bad on me and once again SystemGuardian has saved my butt and my work: THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!! SGD has paid for itself many times over, wonderful product." Ross - Australia

"Your program is fantastic! I hope you're making a million off it." David - USA

"Duocor is a great piece of software. I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know." Ray - USA

System Guardian/XC 2000

System Guardian/XC 2000

XactCopy for Windows 2000/XP Designed for Windows XP

Purchase System Guardian Discover how our patented system can give you instant recovery and lightning-fast backups. Easily restore individual files or the entire system in mere seconds, and even better, you'll be able to boot your backup in just a moment's notice!

Enjoy instant availability of your system even after a major hard drive crash. You'll love how fast your system backups run. Schedule background backups according to your timetable. Perfect for taking a snapshot of the system before installing new software or making major changes to the OS.

Designed for all versions of Windows XP/2000.

You can Buy Now ($159.00) or learn more

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